Regression types of carrying excess fat and put off residence

Notes. * Immigrant Colombian men living in NYC had a significantly higher prevalence of obesity compared to nonimmigrant Colombian men living in Colombia (p = 0.02) or in the four main Colombian cities (p < 0.05).>

Comparable variations by the sex was basically said in other degree inside the Colombia or any other Latin american countries [forty, 41]

Desk step 3 reveals the relationship from carrying excess fat having place of household having and you can as opposed to adjustment for socio-group features and you will each and every day SSBs consumption. The brand new unadjusted design indicated that new prevalence from being obese was thirty six–37% better having immigrant Colombians residing in Nyc when comparing to nonimmigrant Colombians nation-wider (Advertising = 1.37; 95% CI step one.thirteen, step one.70) otherwise main Colombian locations (Advertising = step 1.36; 95% CI step 1.09, 1.69). Shortly after changing for socio-demographic and you will diet correlates (Models step one and you may dos), the latest incidence out-of carrying excess fat was 49–65% deeper having immigrant Colombians residing in Ny in comparison with nonimmigrant Colombians located in in their house country (Publicity = step 1.49; 95% CI 1.08, dos.06) plus chief Colombian towns (Public relations = 1.65; 95% CI step one.03, dos.64). Patterns step three and you may 4 opposed Colombians residing Nyc the help of its acounterparts during the Colombia certainly one of dudes against. feminine, correspondingly. Brand new connection regarding carrying excess fat having host to quarters certainly Colombian guys is actually that way of complete test, in which men and women surviving in Nyc had an effective 71% higher level out-of obesity as opposed to those living in Colombia nation-wide ele tem um bom argumento (Publicity = step one.71; 95% CI 1.03, dos.86). Yet not, no factor try receive certainly one of female (Publicity = 1.27; 95% CI 0.85, step 1.88). Comparable results was receive for sex reviews ranging from Colombians immigrants inside Ny and nonimmigrant Colombians staying in area of the Colombian places (data not shown).


This will be one of the first binational relative examination of being obese one of Colombians who immigrated in order to Ny and you will nonimmigrant Colombians within household nation. This study unearthed that Colombian immigrants remaining in Nyc got an excellent highest Bmi and prevalence away from obesity than just nonimmigrant Colombians from inside the Colombia. Rather, this variation are priong men according to host to home.

Indeed, this study revealed that brand new prevalence away from carrying excess fat had been high certainly female than dudes residing in Colombia total (22% against. 14%) or perhaps in this new five main Colombian cities (21% against. 15%), suggesting that nutrition and you will epidemiologic changeover into the Colombia have affected Colombian feminine so you’re able to an increased the total amount. Although not, out of mention, new prevalence of obesity one of Colombian men and women residing New york is actually comparable (26% compared to. 25%, respectively). Significantly more studies are wanted to clarify how process of immigration will get in another way apply at Colombians. The present day data advise that knowledge height and you can work position try prospective paths having pounds status among Colombian immigrants . These types of affairs should be researched after that with respect to how they relate to the fresh societal norms and life regarding the You.S., migration networking sites, and state position or disabilities. Likewise, nothing input research has focused on Latino dudes residing in the U.S. This research shows the vital to shell out closer attention to the brand new higher costs from being obese in this populace.

The fact that nonimmigrant Colombian female lifestyle their home country have an equivalent incidence away from carrying excess fat given that Colombian immigrant women surviving in Nyc try shocking, once the populace obesity costs tend to be highest on the U.S. typically. Early in the day studies using number one research data or other research strategies keeps known circumstances one ong Colombian women, along with tastes within the system proportions unique so you’re able to ladies in Latino cultures [42, 43], hormonal differences , an excessive amount of gestational putting on weight otherwise blog post-partum pounds preservation , and you can money inequities . Like other Latin-american nations, Colombia possess adopted national techniques to treat carrying excess fat, also an enthusiastic being obese avoidance rules reform (Rules No 1355, Colombia 2009), constraints to the pounds (trans efas, saturated fat) into the meals, new income tax away from processed food and SSBs, strategy of physical working out within the open rooms compliment of bicycle pathways, and front-from plan brands [forty five, 46]. Although not, there is nevertheless zero particular intervention intended for Colombian women in the brand new national top. It is critical to keep contrasting so it occurrence, because the Colombian female you need finest societal health treatments to cease and you will address carrying excess fat both in Colombia and the U.S.

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