Malik narrated this hadith to your expert of the identical strings out of trans- witters you to ‘Ali b

‘Ali b. AbiTalib reported that Allah’s Messenger (will get tranquility feel through to him) banned at the time out of Khaibar the fresh new hiring out-of short term marriage which have feminine and the dinner of one’s skin away from home-based asses.

Abil Talib believed to men: You’re one led astray; Allah’s Live messenger (could possibly get peace become on him) forbade us (to accomplish Mut’a), as is stated in this new hadith carried toward power out of Yahya b. Malik.

Muhammad b. ‘Ali narrated for the power out of their father ‘Ali that Allah’s Apostle (may peace become upon your) at the time out of Khaibar banned for ever brand new contracting out-of short-term relationship and you will restaurants of tissue of your own home-based asses.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Apostle (could possibly get serenity become through to him) since the stating: A person shouldn’t make proposition of matrimony to serbisk postordre kone help you a female whenever his sister has done therefore currently

‘Ali (Allah appreciate him) read you to Ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him or her) provided particular leisure regarding the the fresh new contracting away from short-term wedding, whereupon he told you: You shouldn’t be rash (on your own religious verdict), Ibn ‘Abbas, to own Allah’s Messenger (will get peace become on him) on the day away from Khaibar banned permanently the newest carrying out away from it-And food of your own flesh off domestic asses.

‘Ali (Allah be happy with him) considered Ibn ‘Abbas (Allah be pleased with him or her) you to definitely Allah’s Messenger (get serenity end up being abreast of your) on the day of Khaibar forbade permanently the contracting of short term matrimony plus the restaurants of your own flesh from domestic asses.

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate him) claimed Allah’s Live messenger (can get tranquility upon him) which have told you this: You need to not merge a female and her father’s sister, neither a woman and her mom’s brother in marriage.

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate him) reported that Allah’s Live messenger (may peace become through to him) forbade consolidating off four ladies in relationships: a woman along with her tather’s brother, and a woman with her mom’s aunt.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) stated that Allah’s Messenger (can get tranquility end up being up on your) forbade a person to blend in marriage a womanarid their dad’s cousin, and you will a woman along with her mother’s sibling.Ibn Shihab said: So we regarded the paternal brother out-of their particular (wife’s) dad plus the maternal cousin off their (wife’s) dad in one level.

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with your) reported: I read Allah’s Live messenger (will get peace feel on him) say: Dad’s sister shouldn’t be together with their own brother’s daughter, nor the daughter of a sister with her mother’s sibling

Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate him) advertised Allah’s Messenger (can get tranquility feel on your) since the saying: You will need to maybe not mix in-marriage a woman together father’s sister, or their particular mom’s brother.

A great hadith along these lines might have been narrated into the authority off Abu Huraira (Allah appreciate your) as a result of several other chain from transmitters.

And then he cannot provide a price getting something getting and this his sister had already provided a cost; and you will a lady really should not be joint in-marriage with her father’s sibling, neither along with her mom’s sis, and you may a lady cannot inquire getting their own sis separated to deprive their regarding what falls under their own,however, she must marry, as she’ll has actually what Allah features decreed for her.

Abu Huraira (Allah be happy with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (will get comfort be upon him) forbade this new consolidating out of a lady in-marriage with her father’s aunt, otherwise together mom’s cousin, otherwise that a lady will be inquire about divorce case on her sister to help you rob their own off exactly what belongs to her.Allah, the brand new Exalted’and Regal, is actually their particular Sustainer also.

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